Forecaster and Disco Planner – Ref: FODP-022019

For one of our multinational client,who operates at the cosmetic sector we are looking for a Forecaster & Disco Planner 

Forecaster & Disco Planner Executive is responsible for maintaining close cooperation & communication with several functions such as Campaign Planning & Category Teams, Supply Chain and Communication Team.

Purpose of This Role The role of the

  • Forecaster & Disco Planneris to make optimum product forecasting based on historical information and taking into consideration the marketing & sales support activation, catalogue layouts etc.
  • The person is responsible for making long term forecast for Turkey and then regularly update forecasts 8, 6, 4, 2 months out in the process to allow time for the statistical review of each catalogue’s strength, to identify any potential risk and make action plan to overcome those. Also, the person is responsible for optimum product life cycle management / excess management and disco planning & pricing to minimize obsolete inventory and positively impact company financials.
  • Responsible for the continuous improvement of the forecasting results through daily execution of the forecasting process
  • Delivering long term forecast (12 months out) and making regular updates at 8, 6, 4, 2 months out stages
  • Make pricing & merchandising recommendations to Campaign Planning Team to improve campaign statistics and positively impact sales
  • Actively participate at Catalogue Sign Off meetings to give input from Forecasting perspective
  • Track Forecasting accuracy KPIs and work on areas of improvement
  • Continuously reflect latest trends / new product performance to upcoming forecasts to guarantee supply
  • Make sure that in addition to catalogue layouts, any extra sales & marketing actions, as well as communication actions are reflected to the product forecasts
  • Deliver trend report in the first week of the campaign to facilitate proactive action planning for all departments such as product supply planning, replacement product planning, gross margin management, consultant communication etc.
  • Make gross margin risk analysis for every campaign and share any big risk with Forecasting & BI Manager to be reflected to Gross Margin tracking process or to adjust campaign plans/extra actions to overcome the risk
  • Provide trend/forecast related reports for the IBM process
  • Provide weekly unit deviation report to identify any incorrect numbers in the system
  • Prepare & update historical database and share with the team.
  • Manage the process related with the limited life products and make sure forecasts are defined in the system on time.
  • Responsible for Product Life Cycle Management / Excess Management and disco planning & pricing
  • Ensure pricing of disco inventory in a way to have minimum cannibalization impact on catalogue sales, working closely with Campaign Planning Team
  • Provide excess reporting to Finance on monthly basis to facilitate inventory provision calculation
  • Prepare detailed in and out of catalogue disco report to facilitate efficient disco planning and to make yearly disco projection
  • Provide brief to Communication Team on disco flyers
  • Review disco flyers and give necessary feedback to Communication Team as per schedule
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